Thursday, August 4, 2016

My little granddaughter has a smile that lights up my world. Avery Juniper will be 18 months old this month. Her mom, Chelsea has been such a blessing to my son (Andy) and our family.
Avery enjoys millinery. Perhaps she can give Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie advice what looks horrible and what looks adorable.
 I didn't begin making Avery's baby quilt until she was delivered safely into the world, so, of course, I finished it in the parking lot where her first birthday party was held.
 Her name is blanket stitched wool. I was worried how it would wash, but it is totally fine; Chelsea washes it a lot. I machine quilted all but the strips containing her name. There I did random big stitch (really just hand quilting with embroidery floss).
 I love the circus fabric on the back.
I have been searching Pink Chalk, Hancock's of Paducah and Fat Quarter Shop for something to use for Everett's quilt. I like Animal ABC's, but I may make a trip to Intown Quilters in Decatur to see what I can find.

Everett? Oh yeah, small (teehee) detail. Everett Landon was born Tuesday, August 2. He and his mom, Meredith (Eron's wife), are still in the hospital. C-sections are not easy things to go through.
Now I have two grand-babies. 
Life is amazing.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My last hexagon motif:
Now to choose what color to join them with.
A light print?
Here's what the print looks like close up:
Tea dyed muslin?
Or light muslin?
Mom, you tell me.
And here is an example of what I do in my spare time:
Blanket the water heater. Exciting huh?
It is 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve and I am in my pjs watching (after I finish this post) the entertainment on TV. I am all about risk avoidance. I hope everyone stays safe so we can all enjoy 2014. Hawk tooey to 2013. I won't miss it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Happy Day(s)

My yard project is coming along weather permitting. The ridiculous amount of rain Atlanta had this year put outdoor activities at risk of failure (like the 2013 tomato crop). The whole project began as I searched for someone to correct the horrendous drainage problem in my back yard. Now I have underground drains, steps to access my upper yard and the beginnings of dry creek beds.
The trees came down.
The overgrown shrubs were yanked out.
And that was the front yard.
The back yard was similarly de-foliated.
Ada Yuen of Eastern Redbud conceived the design. She wanted the storage building gone, but the boys talked me into keeping it, so she will work around it.
I love the steps! Finally easy access to the upper level of the yard. What you cannot see is the network of underground tubes to guide the water away from the house. This was phase one; the phase two plan is on its way to me.
I'm getting back to a little sewing. I'd like to make some progress on this hexagon center medallion. I started it at Mom's house back in August. Sewing is not a priority since I started practicing golf. (It's not an obession if you only go to the driving range once or twice a day. Right?)

 Only one more hexie-block to go! Next I have to decide if I am going to do like the picture in the book and join these blocks with unbleached muslin hexagons or black ones. I'll post pictures of both to see what they look like.
My bed is covered by a quilt Mom made; I cannot wait to hop in and get a good night's rest.
One more thing before I go: Family, friends and neighbors may need us, and sometime we may need them too. Let's get our priorities straight and give each other a hand.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Looking for a Lift

Flowers I buy for myself.
I don't feel like blogging; I've had a difficult time lately. Girlfriends letting me down and not finding anyone to attend events with me. I was given tickets to the golf championship at East Lake, I had an extra ticket to a play, and I have a second ticket to the ballet tomorrow. No takers. Makes me feel mighty unpopular and just a hint (understatement) lonely. 
Vintage sewing machine I took to Goodwill.
My husband used to follow me around like a puppy, so I at least had an escort. I understand people have their own lives to live and their own habits; I certainly did while he was alive. 
Cobwebs in my brain and yard.
Watching the Georgia Bulldogs football games alone is not fun. I tryed having dinner at a bar so I could watch a game, but when the other bar flys noticed I was drinking water they seemed a little wary of talking to me. I just wanted company for watching the game: nothing else. Really I am not that much of a football fan, so it is not much loss if I don't turn the TV on or try to find a public venue for watching unless I bring my own friend.
Peaceful companion Joey.
I forget things. A friend at work invited me to the Cotton Pickers Festival in Gay, Georgia. I just called him to see when to meet at the school to drive down there. He reminded me it is next week. So now I am free to do something else tomorrow. Perhaps I will work out (I've been doing real well with swimming and Zumba), or catch up on episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or Quilting Arts. Serious single-girl fun right (she said sarcastically)?
My Lilly Pulitzer Round-the-World quilt.
Okay, I whined enough. I am attractive, educated, fit and creative. Anyone would be lucky to spend time with me. I just want to be careful. I enjoy my private time and I don't want a clingy friend, nor the wrong kind of attention from men. Honestly, right now I could sock an ill-intentioned man in the face or choke him out (3-5 seconds;  I swear, I've done it before).
Label and back of Lilly quilt above.
I have 5 quilts waiting on binding. I just cut orange binding for a quilt I am making as a surprise. I'll post a photo when I get it finished.
Eron and Meredith Sunshine and the quilt Mom, Linda Brannock, made for them.
Eron and Meredith and my parents share a wedding anniversary. It was the kid's first and my parent's 55th. I managed to forget about both. Talk about feeling like a heel. Aren't the kids (above) just lovely? What do you do to make up for that????
Top right-hand checker block is turned wrong; I've got to fix that.
I started this heart quilt as a gift, but I don't know about that now. I am tired, and I keep starting projects (all types), getting frustrated and upset. I cry too much. I have a grief support group meeting tomorrow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Time; Long Post

I have been staying busy-ish.
 And I had some pre-quilted fabric, so I covered two sofa pillows.
 I got the little girl quilt back from the quilter, so I bound it.
 My quilting friends liked the back more than the front.
 The pink fabric I found at a garage sale, plus the quilting design, made the quilt adorable. Kali liked it, and her mother sent me a photo of her, via text message, curled up on it.
 At Mom's house I started a new project that involved a bunch of little squares (you may have seen them in a previous post).
 The center motif is made up of seven florals surrounded by hexagons. I have nearly three done. 

 Atlanta has had a woefully rainy summer. That's why we don't have any locally grown tomatoes this year. People told me gardening was an exercise in futility. I have such awful water problems in my yard. Below is a photo of the gutter I banged on with a broomstick while standing in the rain, on a table, in an effort to dislodge a clog. Epic fail. (update: months later--landscaper Ada found a tennis ball stuck in it). 
So today I am trying to turn 12 placemats my Mother's friend made for her, out of Brannock-Patek Moda fabric, into a quilt.
 After sewing 8 inches, and then ripping it out, my Bernina started making a grinding sound. Fail again.
The night before last I dreamed my husband didn't die and he was standing in our closet wondering where his clothes went. And last night I didn't fall asleep until 3 a.m. because I was scared I'd have another haunting dream.
This afternoon I think I will go to the gym and beat the holy hell out of the heavy bag.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a pleasure to sew again

After I finished Mom's Sunday Sling (pattern by Amy Butler), I was able to start a new quilt project.

As we chose fabrics and I stitched the pieces together, I started to get really excited about quilting again.
Mom and I did a lot of talking, and it really helped me to talk about my loneliness and distress over how my husband, AC, died.
We pulled a lot of fabrics out to see what we wanted to use.
I believe this is what we settled on (minus the pillows and rug on the edges of the photo) for my new quilt project.
I really, really like these rosey pink and soft greens, but I don't think these two made it home with me. I brought back so much I can't remember.
Today I need to pull weeds while the Georgia clay is still soft from all the rain. Rain, like serious, forever rain.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Quilts from Mom

As I promised, pictures of the quilts Mom (Linda Brannock) made and I brought back to Atlanta with me. I uploaded them as a batch, so I will explain them in the order they are and not try to rearrange them.
 This is a kitty quilt for my kitty loving son, Andy. Mom also made it earlier in her quilting career, and you can see the original here (The first kitty quilt).
 It has bright yellow kitties on the back too. I'll have to ask her who this coin-stacks type quit is for. The fabrics are lovely. (You can click on the photo to get a larger version of it.)
 This log cabin is detail from the photo below it. There are stars and trees too. The background is string pieced, but Mom says she did not do the string piecing on a foundation.
 Mom has a great sense of the use of color, and she has really gone bonkers on this one. You (I) cannot stop looking at it.
 The turtle quilt below is destined for my wild child, Adam, once he settles his life down. Right now he is at a music festival somewhere in the US, but I would have to consult Facebook to get an idea where. Mom has made this quilt before too, and you can see it here (the original turtle quilt), but you have to scroll way down in the post to see it. Wait a minute; I will have to call Mom. This may be the original.
 Now we come to the quilt I believe was made especially for me. I love these colors and could live in an entirely aubergine home. I slept under it before I packed it in my suitcase.
 Detail of the quilting and fabrics.
 Mom did two bow tie quilts, and I don't know why I have only one photographed.
 My son, Eron the paramedic, requested a red, white, and black quilt (it's a firefighter thing). And this quilt is especially great. The colors are totally outside Mom's realm of use, but it is a wonderful quilt.
 This is my other favorite favorite of all my favorites.
Bright and cheerful; what I am striving for in my life.
This week was especially challenging for me. I had a dream the other night that I tried to catch AC as he was falling out of bed, and he turned to ashes in the blanket. I am taking sedatives to help me sleep, since I have been spending too much time crying (on the way to work, and the way back).

I had to go to the doctor for results of biopsies on my back, she said they are abnormal, but not cancer. I just have to be monitored every 6 months. I asked her to look at a couple more spots on my back. She said sure, and, as she looked, she asked "what's up with your ankle?" So two more biopsies as she screens for vasculitis.

Then I found the autopsy results were in my mailbox when I got home yesterday. That helped me relive the whole hospital experience as the medical examiner advises we engage the services of a malpractice attorney.

I am so tired. Today is Thimbles, so I am off (after another doctor appointment) to sew with friends. I love that my kitties keep me company here at home. Stroking their soft fur helps calm me.