Saturday, March 27, 2010

First (Locker) Hooked Rug

Yea!  I finished (locker) hooking my first little rug!  I had so much fun doing this.  It is an addictive craft.  And I SO needed another addictive craft in my life. I put the shoes in the picture for scale, and, what the heck, I had shoes the right color.  Go figure.
Look at all those rows of scrunched up fabric.  The center is the only batik I used; the rest of the fabric came from a garage sale (thanks Ann) or Walmart. The printed fabric had to be folded in half with the print side out as I hooked. I wasn't persnickety about it though. And I TORE the strips.
I have had this dress for a while.  It is cotton, so I am waiting for the weather to warm sufficiently to wear it. When I initially spied it at SEARS, I was totally going to cut it up for the fabric.  But then I tried it on.  Love it.  I should have purchased two, since I really want some of this fabric in my stash.
Well, tomorrow is the adventure to Little Quilts.  Remember, I got lost twice on that side of town during Shop Hop, so wish me luck getting there. I am ready though!  I packed my supply box last Sunday, and it has been in my car all week.  I have two things to purchase when I get there: a blue Wonder pen and some template plastic.  I went to two quilt stores on this side of town, and, no surprise after Shop Hop, they were both out of the template plastic.  I need a bunch, since I have some ideas rolling around that require it.

Love and kisses for now,
P.S. I did get full credit for the ironing board from Sears.  I will shop in their brick-and-mortar store from now on though.


WoolenSails said...

You did a beautiful job on the rug. That fabric is beautiful, wear it for a few years, then cut it up;)


Quilts And Pieces said...

Congrats! I started one once but jsut couldn't keep with it!