Monday, January 21, 2019

Big YO YOs (original post 9/26/2010)

I have been working on these really big yo-yos,
choosing borders,
I got the borders on (sorry, I'm saving it for later), and the free-motion paralysis set in, so I started a smaller project using the super giant yo-yos. This time in yellow.
Not too bad.
Today I am resting.  I was sick this morning, and thinking it was a reaction to Metronidazole (or a heart problem), so was heading out the door to the ER when I thought I'd try my asthma inhaler.  Well I'll be darned!  Much better.  I am new to this asthma thing.  I don't wheeze.  I cough.  But this morning it was all about headache, flushed skin, blurred vision, shortness of breathe and extreme fatigue. The antibiotic makes me feel icky, but not usually that icky, so
I will drink lots of good tea.
Which I keep in my Bubba Keg.
And Kitten will maintain her foreign-film watching pose most of the day.


Karen said...

Glad you tried the inhaler! Take care of yourself....asthma can sometimes be unpredictable.

The yo-yos are gorgeous sewn down like this. Will have to give that a try sometime.

Take care,


katie said...

Love the yo yo quilt it is darling.
Love that Bubba keg. How many ounces is it.
I'm suppose to drink 75 ounces a day. So far it isn't happening. But part of that can be water out of food. You know fruit, veggies, still never was a water drinker and am trying.

WoolenSails said...

I love how you did up the yo yos, that is a beautiful piece.
That is how I felt today, after trudging through woods for 6 miles, think I am getting too old for that kind of hike, lol. Hope you feel better soon.


oldgreymare said...

Sorry to hear you've felt poorly. Hope this week has you feeling in the pink.

Love the larger yo yo's.


Kathie said...

glad your feeling better...ah yes I have what for years they call asthmatic cough or prenatal asthma as that is when it started for me. annoying isn't it?
I Love your little yo yo quilt I may have to go buy the big yoyo maker and make a little quilt like this too for my wall of little quilts one day!

*karendianne. said...

Gosh, that's not feeling good thing is a bummer. Especially when it's to the point where you're thinking "ER." Glad you worked it out though. Sheesh.

Love those big yoyo's. Very cool. Fun.

Susan said...

Your big yo yos are beautiful! I'm glad that your asthma inhaler made you feel better. Tea is good!

Brenda said...

Love all of your yo-yos. You and Kristie need to form yoyo's annonymous.

deanna7trees said...

like the blanket stitch you did around your yo-yos. i'll have to try that sometime.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Sorry you were not feeling very good but hope your are now.

Your yo-yos and wonderful and your added touch by using a blanket stitch sets them off! Looked at your large Yo-yo quilt "beautiful"!!

I am new at your blog and became a follower. I will visit you again soon.

:) Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

Becky said...

Hope that you are feeling better! My Michael has ashtma (SP?) He uses an inhaler daily and one for emergencies. Like you he coughs. Our air quality has been crummy in this heat. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I didn't know about those symptoms either! I hope you recover really well soon. Your needle work is wonderful! Please take care and relax~ ♥♥♥

Karlheinz Wunner said...

Beautiful Quilt