Fabric to crochet

 I plan to make one of Mom's heart-shaped crocheted rugs, so I am following the patterns directions. I mean seriously! I made a crocheted rug before, but I never ironed  the strips I'd torn from 7 yards (14 total) of quilting fabric. The ball above took 5 hours.
 Now I am working on the light ball of fabric "yarn."
I bought a lovely "Sunshine" bouquet for brighten up the house. And, of course, wherever I am, there is Joe (on top of one of my crocheted rugs-the no iron type).


WoolenSails said…
I tried that once and made a mess, so gave up, lol.
Love the look of cloth rugs and I do make locker hooked ones.

joanne said…
you lost me at the ironing stage, not gonna happen here! But I am interested in how it's done and how it turns out. Best wishes and LOL kitty.
Katie Paxton said…
Gee I never thought about having to iron the fabric.
I am making a twining placemat out of t-shirt fabric, going to take me awhile because it hurts my shoulders after work very long on it.
Kris said…
Oh my goodness, I think of you so often. That is one big ball of fabric.
Can't wait to see it.
XO Kris
Yee Salazar said…
What? Five hours to be exact? Oh my! But I think it’s worth it, right? You can really see the outcome of your hardwork. Splendid and remarkable! Kudos to you for being so patient and passionate in finishing that ball of fabric! Unfortunately I can’t see myself making those coz’ first, I don’t have talent to do it. Poor me.