Getting Along (Alone)

 I spent this weekend working on another Amy Butler Reversible Sunday Sling. The two I made before I gave away; they were of heavier home dec fabric.
I like the design of this fabric, but I liked the other bags I made better. Nontheless, wherever I put it, Kitten finds it. She thinks it's cushy
See what I mean. I'll have to keep the lint roller handy.
I went back to work last Monday. I was completely overwhelmed by the support my co-workers and the students have given me. My desk was strewn with cards, flowers and a poster board with well wishes written on it were in my office, flowers and butterflies were all over my office windows and they threw a wonderful vegetarian potluck lunch.
They are a wonderful group of people to work with.
  I took a few minutes during the week to walk about the campus and capture some of my favorite plants. Above is from the lily pond by the parking lot.
This bloom was along the sidewalk on the 316 Highway side of the main building. I love the delicate withering of the bloom along with the colors from lightest lavender to burnt blue.
One of my favorite colors is green.
Green is so full of promise. It signals new life with all the promise of riotous blooms and turgid seed pods bursting with progeny.
When you inspect the plant closely, you will not likely find a single stem, leaf or bloom without blemish, but taken together the effect is great beauty.


WoolenSails said…
I hope time can heal the loneliness and pain you are feeling right now. It sounds like you work with a wonderful group of people and so nice that they are there for you on your first week back.

Nancy in MT said…
Thinking of you, n
Thinking of you too, amidst the quiet of your home, Blessings
mere6sews said…
You are not alone... the Lord is with you.
Libby said…
Oh Kitten! What a sweet little spot you have found.
I'm so glad to hear that your friends and co-workers are filling your heart with comfort and support.
Katie Paxton said…
beautiful purse and that lily is awesome.
joanne said…
oh kitten kitten, wouldn't it be nice if we could curl up like that and forget the world for awhile...
I love that bag. Where did you get that neat fabric?
Are you drying the pods from the water lillies? Oops, they aren't in your yard are they? Mom