How to start a fight with your sister

"MOM! He's touching me!"
Isn't that how it always starts?
And with quilting it starts with that special piece you finally found.  I'd been searching for a checkered fabric and found a bit at the J-store in Gainesville (GA) while visiting my son.
I thought it might look grand in Georgia's black and red.
Or maybe on some blue?
What about the set then? Straight set or on point?
Doesn't the Christmas fabric I found at the garage sale (the one I went to Friday and Saturday morning) look good with it?"
Or jettison the holiday print for a more seasonal red floral one? I like how the inside border frames the 12 patch center.
Then again I could go with something totally different like a floral with a white background...That's it. New UFO. I need a nap.
To make a Prairie, it takes
A Flower and one Bee,
One Flower and a Bee,
And Reverie.
The Reverie alone will do
If bees are few.
-Emily Dickenson
Students come back to the college this Monday. My new schedule for this 8 week semester has me working 6 days a week.  I know I can do it, but since I made the schedule, I wonder what the heck I was thinking. May bee some slow blogging for a while.


WoolenSails said…
I like it on the green check, nice contrast.
There is always one who is the trouble maker, lol.

Margaret said…
Quandary upon quandary . sounds like Sarah Lee pastry add fold upon fold. However I liked the green contrast also. A challenge for you at school, the students are very fortunate to have such an accomplished teacher and I am sure it shows out in there work.
Kris said…
Love the kitty fight!!
Kathie said…
omg yes I heard that for years!
cute kitties
oh no 6 days a week , what were you thinking!
LOL I lOVE that checkered fabric very fun. but I really love the fabric you have next to it the circles with black flowers and red dots
good luck the next few weeks
then just think theres August
Becky said…
Hope that your works days are short one:) Fun finds at your garage sale. Take care!
Brenda said…
I like the green border with the red non Christmas fabric.