July Update

I am not sure what I will do with the fabric a friend sent, but I totally love it!
Here a the turtle pincushion observing some of my yo-yos.

He spies an important one,

And decides to swim in a pool of bigger yo-yos.
I alluded to stuff going on around here.  We discovered my middle son was in a hospital somewhere (he said Nashville, but we couldn't locate him there, and he would not give his location). Turns out he had a horrid infection in his leg from a bicycle accident he'd had 90 days prior and was hooked up to IVs. The day after the wedding he, middle son, drove home to return his brother's car to his dad's house where I picked him up after work and took him to the pharmacy for his dozen or so prescriptions. I have since spent hours cleaning his house, shoveling laundry out and down the road an hour to my house and back (his washer is broken). I've enjoyed spending time with my son, and his leg is healed nicely, but it has worn me out trying to keep up with everything.
Take a breather.
Things are looking up.
Everyone's healthy now.
Thank you Mom, Sue and Peggy.
I loved getting that package yesterday, and I will enjoy using the fabric and pincushion, and reading novel you sent. 
Time for a snooze.
(Don't you know I love my Joseph James kitty?)


Wow, I haven't seen Mr. JJ in a while. He's grown! The yo-yo turtle is way too cute to poke pins into, but he does look nice swimming in the yo-yo pond.

Glad your son is recovered. Boys!
WoolenSails said…
It sounds like you have been keeping very busy and that is a lot of exercise,lol. I am glad you son is ok and doing better, that can be scary and he is lucky to have a mom who can come and help him out.

Love that turtle, that is a fun piece and he looks great with the yo yo's, reminds me of a turtle in a lily pond.

I have been thinking of you and missing you BAD.. Will I see you soon?
Nancy in MT said…
You have to relax like you're Joey, Hubby can't do laundry. Glad your son was taken care of immediately with the infection, the nurse in me knowing how serious that can be if he had IV's. That fabric is priceless, so you. Love turtles, especially with yo-yos.

take care, relax, chill out, read, sew, snooze like Joey! n
Kris said…
Oh my goodness, you have a lot of your plate!! Glad your son is okay now. Take the time to relax, and recoup!!!
XO Kris
Gretchen said…
I hope you can get lots of relaxing and YOU time in. Sounds like you have been crazy busy for too long. Lovely goodies from Mom & friends and adorable cat photos.