Mix Mash of Stuff

You may not know Kansas City is referred to as "The City of Fountains." This fountain is in front of the old Kansas City Star building on the east edge of the Quality Hill district.
These are Mom's good friends from childhood; they came over to sew with us one morning. Sue is peeking out from behind her "Easy Stars" quilt while Peggy (Mom's cousin) assists in holding it up. Notice I cropped myself out on the other side. I was in motion, and the resulting blur was not attractive on me. 
Once I got settled back here at home, Kitten took over the karate-belt padded reading spot I set up, so I went on to my sewing machine and set to quilting.
Roll it up and send it through.
Have you tried these new Clover Wonder Clips for holding the binding on? They are  super for hand stitching the binding, but they are magnificent for using with your machine, since one side is flat.
There we go. All done.
Denim on the back to stand up to the rigors of a Hawaiian beach.


WoolenSails said…
That is a nice idea, recycle our fabric and get something else that we like, lol.

Margaret said…
Denim backed quilt sounds like a lifetime of wear to me.
What a great quilt! The kitties are adorable and I really like how you've quilted it. I hadn't seen those clips. I'll have to look for them.