Wandering Quilter in Kansas City

On the way to Mom and Dad's from the airport we stopped by Asiatica. We'd read about it on Barbara Brackman's blog. Mom and I were both overwhelmed by the rolls of vintage kimono fabric stored in their work rooms.  Asiatica designers make lovely new garments for high end consumers. Sorry I was too shy to ask if I could take photos. Watch the video on their website.  Really, it it worth your time.
Once we got to the house, I threw my new(ish) quilt over the bed.
Great Grandmother "Mom" Irvin pieced it and I just finished quilting it. I felt it important for Mother to see it in person. 
Mom saw lots of friends: Jan Patek (her design partner), Barb Adams and Alma Allen, Sandy Gervais, Rita Briner of Quilter's Station, Terry Thompson, the Buggy Barn girls Pam Soliday and Janet Nesbitt and Edie McGinnis. The market was HUGE, and we got properly worn out traipsing all over it.
One woman we were very happy to meet is Delores Storm. She designs under Lackadaises, and we love her use of vintage found treasures and wool. Check out her redwork designs too.
Back at the house I mentioned to Mom I'd like to make a string pieced star quilt like one I'd seen, so she brought out this:
I don't remember seeing it before.
She is looking for the pattern.
It is so soft with age.
And it has wonderful geranium leaf fabric on the back. (sigh)
I may want to make another rag quilt too, so she brings this out:
Dang. The back as lovely as the front:
Shoot. Big squares and little ones.
So I just keep plugging away at my quilts:
I finished the binding on Eron's (my paramedic son who is engaged to the lovely Meredith) quilt.
It came out very nice I think.
He wants it for his firehouse bunk, and he requested black, white and red (he said it is a fireman thing). I learned the stack method for the stars at a class with Peggy Barkle, so finishing it for Eron was a no-brainer. 
I am trying to get a good photo of an open Morning Glory (Mom just corrected me; this is a Moon Flower, and it blooms at night, so good luck getting a photo of it) in Mom and Dad's yard. 
This curled up one will have to do for now.
By the way, it is seven months after Mom's knee replacement surgery and Dad is still bringing her breakfast in bed. Every day!
(I got nothing else.)


O'Quilts said…
Oh, my heart is beating fast. I really love the string star. It is wonderful.
WoolenSails said…
You have been very busy with quilting and shopping trips.
I think I have that same kitty, looks very familiar and I got mine in a thrift if I recall.

Missouri Gal said…
Oh wow! Those are beautiful quilts! Glad you get to have some MO time with your parents.
Nancy in MT said…
She's looking for the pattern for the string quilt, you couldn't tuck it away in your luggage while she was looking, I really, really like it, too. Not that I could ever make it. I really like Eron's quilt. That is so cool your Dad is doing that.
Becky said…
Wonderful reading about your visit with your Mom and Spring Market! Wow! Some gorgeous photos of quilts! I've forgotten my camera battery on the charger if that makes you feel better:)