One last weekend of vacation

It was tough getting all my stuff into suitcases to come back home. Kitty is sitting on the Kaffe Fassett kit I bought at Under the Sea from Material Girls with birthday money mom gave me.
Note to self: Don't bring those big-ass platform shoes next time. They take up too much room in the suitcase!
Actually the kit is under the roll of pink I bought at Fabric Recycles. Fabric Recycles is like a treasure hunt for that fabric you need just a little of to finish a project (and then you come home with all manner of bits to start something new). The inventory is grouped by color and type, so finding things is easy, and the owner, Page Burns, is so incredibly knowledgeable of her stock and eager to help you get what you need. We'd read about her and her store in a free issue of Generation Q. The magazine is smaller than the magazines we are used to, but the content made the copy one Mom and I fought over (only because I couldn't find the copy they gave me). I cannot wait to see what the magazine does next. I really like printed better than online, so I can sit in my comfy chair. (I have not gone to using a "reader" or I-Pad yet.)
This is a tray of fabric Mom cut up while I was there to make Andy (middle son) a bow tie quilt. Last I spoke with her, she said making bow tie blocks is boring. I hope she sticks with it; he will love it. (I plan to upload pictures of her hooked rugs on her blog when I finish this post: Linda Brannock's hooked rug designs)

Ha! I got photos of the moon flower open.  Mom has been drying the open blooms and framing them. They are really pretty, but I don't think I got a photo of the framed one.
Joey is really glad I am home; he assumed the quilting cat position right away as I got busy making a baby gift for a young friend of one of Andy's. She married a fellow Collins Hill HS graduate and they are stationed in Hawaii. She announced (on Facebook) she was in labor on Friday night while I was in Kansas City, and then it was MONDAY before she posted anything else. Not being a close friend, so not on the phone tree, I was anxious to hear everything went well. Little Lucas is safely here, so his quilt is under the needle.
I put some denim I scored at the local GW store on the back to make is super durable for dragging around sandy beaches.
I think they'll like it.
And here is an unfinished item that I want to play around with.
The colors are fabulous, but it has some problems.
It's a holiday weekend; enjoy your family and get some sun!


Kris said…
Great stuff!!!!! I MUST get another quilt going right away!!!!! Have a great day!
O'Quilts said…
I love it all...the cuts your mom did, the cat, the orange square baby quilt and the yellow circle UFO..good going
WoolenSails said…
I recognize a few of those fabrics from your mom, a friend sends me a lot of her old stash and it includes brannock stash;) Joey is such sweet helper.

Cathy Pavlovich said…
I love seeing what you're up to. Coming here is always a treat!
Nancy in MT said…
Hey, I'm so glad you posted your Mom's rugs and updated her blog. Love each one, the Big Log Cabin should also be a quilt. I love your unfinished project. Joey is so special. Thanks for your offer.