Peace, Love & Decorating in Duluth

Yesterday, after I finished with an early Dr. appointment, I ate my lunch on the steps of the Duluth, GA municipal building.  As I was sitting in the sunshine admiring the expanse of park space, my eye caught sight of the building that formerly housed Share the Spirit quilt shop. Feeling nostalgic, since that shop set my feet back on a quilting path, I ventured over to see if the space was still vacant.
 To my great delight it was occupied by Peace, Love & Decorating. All the photos here are from their shop.  I was in a big hurry (needed to get to a hair appointment), so I just snapped a few pictures. The young ladies were so nice. They said they'd only been open a week, and would love for me to let folks know about them.
 I am going to date myself here by saying they have seriously groovy merchandise.  I am dying to get back there to purchase the yellow throw in the photo above. (There is an important person in my life who is crazy about yellow, and I am crazy about her.)
 I could just squeal with delight over these pillows!
 The messages are all about celebrating life.
 I hope to get back there soon. (This cat, who had been rolling around in the dirt in the yard, was NOT at the shop, but she knows eye want to go back to PLD as soon as possible). She is watching my every move.
Speaking of nostalgia, anyone going to see Dark Shadows?


WoolenSails said…
Looks like a fun shop to visit.
I was just watching the marathon on tv, can't wait to see the new one, but will wait for netflix, so might be awhile.

Kris said…
Looks like a great shop. Neat pic of the kitty!!!
tania said…
Thanks for the heads up on this shop I can't wait to go visit it! I love shops like this one appears to be.

Yes Mr. Man and I plan on seeing Dark Shadows Imax this coming Sunday, I remember mom having it on the TV.
Margaret said…
Bright intricately displayed merchandise is a sure winner , great to hear that your motivator shop still motivates.
Ani said…
LOVE that shop, lucky you to have it near. I do plan on seeing Dark Shadows, however, my first choice for Barnabas would NOT have been J Depp! But, considering this IS a T Burton movie, and T Burton loves J Depp I'll get over it. I loved the original series, have my school were fans at the time. Eye love your kitties, my kitty Splash is jealous I don't feature her on a blog! >^-.-^<
Teresa said…
I want to go to that shop!!!!! It's not too far for me is it??? What an amazing shop... so glad you have it so close to you!
Lindsey said…

Thank you so much for writing this article about our shop. Peace, Love & Decorating is located at 3129 Main St. in Downtown Duluth. We also have a website though,

Lindsey Cook