Saturday, October 8, 2011

Storage unit clean up

A couple of years ago my middle son asked me if he could store a few things with me.  I don't exactly remember how we ended up with a storage unit, but we did.
Auto billed to my AmEx, of course.  I am sick of paying for it.  I asked my son if he can come get his stuff out, and he doesn't remember what is in there, so "Mom, just get rid of it" was the gist of his reply.
I was going to load it all in a truck and deliver it to Goodwill when one of my friends from work suggested I look through the boxes to be sure I wanted to give it all away.  Guess what we found?
Yup.  Two very worn and well loved quilts my mother, Linda Brannock, made.  I adore my friend for suggesting I look into the boxes. She will always be the one who rescued these quilts back into the family.
Backside of the star quilt.
My husband and I didn't get anything loaded into a truck, so I still have to figure out who to call to come get some of the big stuff.  I got so mad at my husband's lack of helpfulness that, when my cell phone rang with him calling me yet again, I got out of my car at a stoplight, installed said ringing phone in front of my tire, and, when the light changed, proceeded to run over said phone.  Really, some days you just can't take anymore of some people.  Just sayin'.  So today I ran errands, bought a bottle of wine and think I will just chill out on the sofa and watch the Georgia game.  Who are we playing? Georgia football never mattered much to me before; after a glass of wine it won't matter again (I am a true light-weight; read "cheap date").
Scooch over babies; mama needs a cuddle.
Maybe tomorrow we will go outside and enjoy the cool sunny weather.


Tracy said...

Holy cow, it's a good thing you opened those boxes! Did you really run over your phone? I have done that once, but not on purpose, lol!

Kim said...

Wow, so lucky you rescued those beautiful quilts. Now, did you really run over the phone?? If you did, you are my new hero! Lol

WoolenSails said...

That is so cute, but I notice Kitten has one eye open and wondering how to get him off, lol. I am glad you looked too, those are wonderful quilts from your mom and not something you would want to give away.
I just got rid of mine, I do not want someone bugging me about something when I am driving or shopping or outside having fun, if they want me, they can call me at home, lol.


Me and My Stitches said...

That is hilarious! Some days I think cell phones were not the best invention! Glad you found those quilts!

oldgreymare said...

technology sucks, technology is wonderful..ask me tomorrow we'll see

Husbands suck husbands are rid of mine...hmmmmmm?
Adore that first quilt <3

katie said...

Oh boy Karmen, so happy you found the quilts, what treasures.
Maybe rather than the cell phone you should have put the caller under the tire. Just kidding but I know there are days like that.

Libby said...

So glad to hear the quilts were saved . . . . not such good news for the cell phone *lol*

Nancy in MT said...

You are way too funny, love your sharing the finer moments of your life. Huge sigh to see such wonderful quilts saved. n

nocton4 said...

wow wow wow, oh so glad you took a peek xx