Let's go slow

This is what greeted me when I went back to my sewing room after taking a break.  Little Joey finally taking it slow.  At breakfast Jojo noticed the blood pressure cuff on the table.  He went into stalker mode, lined himself up with the circle of the cuff and dove head first into it.  His little head was all that made it into the blood pressure cuff.  I laughed my butt off.  He is so funny.
I decided he needed a collar especially for him (instead of Kitten's hand-me-downs).  He looks good in baby boy blue.
I will let him rest for now, but he is lying on Dad's Airplane Quilt.  The one that has been UFO for a couple of years.  I finally quilted it, and now I am getting the binding stitched down (when Joe lets me).  


WoolenSails said…
Kitties are what makes us smile throughout the day, can't imagine not having them. It will be nice to be able to visit your mom and go to the show while you are there.

Kelli said…
Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. Adorable kitty! Can't wait to see Dad's Airplane quilt all done. :o)
oldgreymare said…
Yay Mom, Yay kitty, Yay show....YAYYAY!
Feeling Artsy said…
No wonder everybody comments more on the cats than they do on the quilts. They are precious and they're everywhere:)
Love you blog. You got yourself a new follower!
Kasia from the Photography Class
Cats are such good entertainment. They are so darned nosy - mine just can't stand it when there is something new (even if it's an empty bag!) they just have to check it out! Glad your Mom is doing well! Have fun at the show!
jojo said…
just lovin' that gray kitty and his new blue collar! Have fun this weekend...;j