Jackets of Many Colors

Straight Jacket from Asylum by Christopher Payne
Last week I was attempting to finish my Vintage 9-Patch (Lisa Bongean pattern), and my Bernina acted up, so I switched to my New Home sewing machine.  The result was this mess which took me a couple of days to pick out.
I had to walk away from my sewing room for a spell, so I went to the library and found this wonderful book:
These two, Helen and Scott Nearing, lived an amazing journey through life guided by good sense, moral conviction, determination and hard work.  I had to go buy a copy of the book because I want to savor it.
I also happen on Asylum by Christopher Payne.  His collection of amazing photographs of America's decaying state hospitals is accompanied by Oliver Sack's essay on the history of the system that created them.  
St. Joseph, Missouri  State Hospital (Kirkbride building) from Asylum by Christopher Payne.
I was amazed at the scope of state hospitals before litigation took away residents' right to livelihoods (most state hospitals were self-sustaining communities) and the self respect residents' may have been able to gain from meaningful contribution to the community in which they lived. 
From the book Asylum by Christopher Payne.
I had no idea straight jackets came in colors.  I find them beautiful lined up like this.  They may have been made by hospital seamstresses (residents) working in the hospital's sewing room.
Picture from the book Asylum by Christopher Payne.
After the reading break, I went back to my own private sewing room where I got a little help from my Joey.
"We" got the quilting done. 
(No animals were harmed in the creation of this quilt.)
The binding cut and sewn on.
In time to take to Spirited Quilters' on Tuesday night.
One UFO down!
We are so happy!


WoolenSails said…
The quilt came out beautifully, hard to sew with an old machine when you get used to the nice new ones.

katie said…
Those straight jackets are scary looking, can't imagine them being in color.
I've done some of that reverse machine quilting down at the shop. Not fun.
The quilt looks really good tho.
Joey is such sweet help.
Grey kitty is really pretty.
Anonymous said…
Good pics really nice.


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Cathy Pavlovich said…
Love the quilt and the kitties.
Libby said…
May I recommend 'This Life Is in Your Hands: One Dream, Sixty Acres, and a Family Undone' This is a memoir of Melissa Coleman, the daughter of a couple that worked closely with the Neerings in Maine. I'll be adding your recommendation to my Kindle wish list right away *s*
What a totally gorgeous quilt! I love it!! And what an informative and interesting post. I'll have to see if our library has those books. Thanks!!