"Your Dad just left for your house," said Mom this morning.  "He WHAT?" was my reply.  Dad hasn't been here for more than five years.  He decided he was going to drive down and bring the piece furniture that was left to me by my Grandparents.  And he is coming alone.  In the car. Minimum 15 hours.

I had morning plans for a pedicure and trip to the beauty salon, so after that I had to get all my sewing chaos out of the guest room. It was a serious mess.  I moved the ironing board out, my desk, boxes and stacks of fabric; all had to be moved back into my sewing room, but I made room for a person to sleep in the guest room.

I had more than a dozen quilts laid out on the bed, so they got folded over and stacked onto the quilt rack.  How many quilts can a quilt rack hold, do you suppose?

Let's just say "several."

I think the bed looks pretty good.  
Kitten is helping me watch for Dad's car.
I made sure some of my old needlework was up where Dad could see it.
This sampler used to hang at Mom and Dad's house, but when Mom was done displaying it, I brought it back to be with me.  I had enjoyed making it.
And this I made when the kids were young and we lived in the blue house in Suwanee.
Kitten just hung around watching me clean all afternoon.
Dad had made the smart choice to spend the night in Chattanooga, so I am going to get rested up to see him tomorrow.  Eron will come by, but I need to call the other boys to see if I can round them up for dinner.
Good times.


WoolenSails said…
That is a long drive, so good he stopped to rest.
The guest room looks wonderful though and kitten, as usual, has to oversee everything you do;)

katie said…
I missed him yesterday when he came to pick up the things. I was at the shop. Have a fun visit.
Would love to see all the quilts you have stacked on the quilt rack.