Thrift store score

My Aunt Katie (Primitive Woolens) is always finding the coolest things at thrift shops and yard sales near where she lives in Missouri. And she gets the best prices.  Mom and I did not think we could find anything to compare at our big city thrift stores (Kansas City and Atlanta areas, respectively), but oh, this week I popped into a shop and walked out with my score of the year! An April Cornell king-sized duvet cover and two shams for ten bucks.  Yep 10 single dollar bills!  My husband didn't like it at first, since it doesn't go matchy-matchy with our bedroom wallpaper, so I thought I would cut it apart and make two quilts out of it, but now hubby slept under it (no pouf inside in this heat), he is convinced it is the best buy I've ever made.

Did I mention it is two sided?
And that I got three yards of red homespun fabric for an additional two buckaroos?  I dig this thrift thing!


WoolenSails said…
A very nice find, that is my kind of shopping.
I think people around here are getting too smart about thrift shopping and it seems harder to find good things.

Becky said…
Great job! Which thrift store did you find this beauty? Are you sewing this weekend? How is your DH?
Brenda said…
I will have to check out some of the thrift stores. That is a great buy.