I got up early this morning because I wanted to get things ready for the kids to come over to see their Grandpa. I fed the dogs, and, at 6 a.m. stepped outside to take a walk.  There was a van parked in my driveway.  My Dad's van. He couldn't sleep well at the motel, so he came on to my house.  I have NO idea how he managed to find the house.  But he did. 

Dad and I walked around the block together, we got my hubby out of bed, enjoyed a little coffee, unloaded the van, and by 8:00 a.m he was gone.

I'm more than a little disappointed the boys won't get to see him. His excuse was he wanted to get back home and avoid as much traffic as possible by driving through Atlanta and St. Louis on a Sunday.
He brought this picture down from Uncle Benny's house in Warsaw, Missouri along with my Grandmother's dresser.  I received instruction from Ben on where the portrait of my Grandfather goes.  I am happy to have it exactly where my Grandmother kept it.
The dresser looks lovely against the plantation pink walls of the guest bedroom. Now if I could just find a guest that would stay long enough to sleep here!


Anonymous said…
Scooter looks ready to wiggle out of her skin with excitement! That's a lovely painting and the dresser is gorgeous.
katie said…
Karmen it looks great in your guest room.
Did you get the clock and the other picture of the 3 girls, one at the piano?? I thought they were to come to .
Kathie said…
beautiful dresser.
wow a quick visit and you cleaned up the room/house for him,
tell him next time your just going to sew on Saturday its your day off!!!!
that was so nice of him to bring it down to you though,
he gets the What a Dad Award!
WoolenSails said…
The dresser is beautiful, love pieces like that, they do not make them like that anymore.

Ani said…
Your Dad and mine must be kindred souls, my Dad would do exactly as yours, quick visit and leave, I could never entice him to stay as long as I wanted him too. Love the dresser! Best, Ani (who just caught up reading several blogs!)