I want our soldiers home.

I cried watching the You Tube video of soldiers coming home and surprising their families.

At Friday's Pizza and Patchwork at Mita's shop (Patchwork Cottage) I asked for help on my Samurai Squares quilt.  Peggy gave me some good advice, which I took, about the borders.  I still wanted to do some type of free-motion on the outer border, so I decided to use clear thread on the top.  That way my free-motion (lack of skills) won't show too much.
I packaged up my quilt, got to work, left for a moment and came back to this:
Seriously, does she look comfortable?
So I had to find something to occupy her.  She liked this toy for a while:
Notice the snazzy summer collar.  It has bumble bees on it.  AND it matches the ball in the tube. Bonus!
Kitten is kinda lazy when she plays now she's older. 
I went back to work on my quilt border, but I had the darnest time.  The clear thread kept tangling and getting caught on stuff.  I went through an entire package of Schmetz  90/14 needles! I purchased the new package of needles to take to Alabama, but now I have to go buy more.  I HATE the noise the machine makes when I break a needle.  It SCARES me! 

I remembered that I had used an applesauce jar full of rocks (stay with me) when I quilted with clear thread before, so I found the jar I had been using for the locker-hooking string and adapted it for the clear thread.  And I'll be danged. It worked.  Smooth sewing after that.
Oh, and FYI, you cannot use a walking foot and a Super-Slider at the same time. (But that was yesterday.)
And tomorrow (maybe) binding (oh goody!).
Drum Roll Please--
This is a milestone akin to turning over 100K in my old car.  Mom asked me how many posts I've done.  I had no idea, so I tallied this blog (237) and my previous blog, Karmen's Page (55), so that makes 292.
Is it time I figure out how to do a give away?
Any soldiers out there who quilt and need supplies? Or want to surprise someone back here at home with a quilter's gift?


Gretchen said…
I want our soldiers home too! Kitten is just toooooo cute! What a silly snuggly little cat. I hope you get your tension/thread/needle issues worked out. I've never used clear thread so I have no pointers for you.
WoolenSails said…
Kitten is so cute, she is so sweet and just like my tuxedo when it came to antics. It is hard to do free motion with the added weight on the quilt;)

Becky said…
Great photos of kitten! She is such a good help in the sewing room. Maybe I'll join you at the Friday night sewing at Mita's sometimes. Good luck with the machine quilting. You're getting there.
Brenda said…
Love the photos of your kitten. She is so cute. Good luck with your quilting.