Finish a UFO day.

Last night I cut and ironed the binding. This time I cut 2 1/4 inches, but maybe I need 2 1/2?  I'll see how this works.  I used 2" on the turtle baby quilt.
I had help from the "other" tuxedo kitty.  Kitten must have been busy skulking around in my sewing room while the door was open and I was in the guest room ironing.
The binding is rolled (on an empty bath tissue tube) and ready for me to trim the top and sit down to sew.
I aim to finish the top I blogged about so long ago here:  Samurai Squares UFO.  I had been so intimidated by the (home) machine quilting process, and distracted by everything else that came along, that I am nearly a year and a half in getting it quilted.  But hey, that is better, WAY better than the 30 years it took me finish Eron's Tippecanoe quilt (which was originally a wedding gift for his dad to whom I am no longer married).

And then off to Mita's Patchwork Cottage to pick up the supplies I ordered for my trip to Quilt Symposium of Alabama.   This will be my first quilt retreat experience; I am so excited to go!


katie said…
Oh please tell me you still have the live cat also.
The new one is pretty darn cute tho.
Gretchen said…
Have a great time at your quilt retreat!! I can't wait to hear all about it. I have a furlough Friday for June Thimbles so I may come all day Friday, Fri night, & Sat. so maybe I'll see you this month. Love Kitten's alter ego :)
WoolenSails said…
That kitty is so funny.
Have fun today.

Ani said…
I LOVE KITTEN! >^..^< I've been meaning to email you for the longest time to let you know how much I enjoy reading your postings. I found your blog last year while researching things about your Mom's quilts. I've got practically every book she ever authored/co-authored. I am so glad to find that you too like quilting. I am also glad that you took in Kitten and nurtured and loved him, he looks like he is a pure sweetie! Thanks for letting me ramble on. Best, Ani
Becky said…
Please tell us more about your Alabama Quilt Symposium. When is it? Where? How long? What projects are you taking? This is so excited!!! LOL about Eron's quilt you began for your ex. A new way of "regifting." Take care! Hope you have a great weekend!
Hi Ani,
Thank you so much for writing! Kitten is actually a she, but I have never alluded to her as anything other than the androgynous Kitten, so it is understandable you would call her a him. The vet who helped us get her fixed up was afraid she was pregnant when she was found. I was glad she wasn't, since her health was so poor, but she had already mothered a litter of kittens at some point in her very young life. She and I have bonded despite my allergies, so I can not longer imagine being in my sewing room (or kitchen, or anywhere else at home) with out her nearby.

I will be going to see Mom again later this month (after Alabama), and I will post some new photos of her house when I get back. I am growing into a more full appreciation of her contribution to quilting when I hear from wonderful people like you who have enjoyed her work.

I love the pretend kitty! Too adorable. I wish I could make it to Cullman, too. That looks like so much fun. Hope you have a great time.
oldgreymare said…
Oh, how I wish I had known the paper roll trick years ago when I was doing bindings. SO clever. I hope i can remember it when the time comes that I return to quilting. I am feeling the tug more and more these days. : }