I bought some printable fabric sheets.  This is the entire package printed and drying.  I am not sure what I am going to do with these printed vintage photos, but Grandpa Stockton will be 99 in August, so I think he would probably like a lap quilt.  Yes, that is ninety-nine years old.  I sure would like to get old as well as he has.
I can't believe my little Panasonic camera could zoom in so well on this precious little finch on the the bird feeder. Since we have moved the feeder close to the house, we have been able to enjoy lots of these little guys and a pair of Cardinals.
Mom sent me home with some delicious placemats.  I am not supposed to keep them, since there is a set for each one of my boys, but I am holding them until the guys get more settled. 

I thought you might enjoy a peek at the backs of the Turtle and Kitty quilts:

Wow, I hadn't remembered the turtle quilt has kitties on it too.
I love kitties!


WoolenSails said…
The photos will make such a wonderful gift quilt and a treasure for him.
Love those placemats, I would be tempted to keep them;)

Anonymous said…
Can you post a pic of your beautiful self with some of your work?
Kathie said…
love those placemats, also would be a great little quilt to hang on a wall or put on a dresser, table etc....
lucky boys!
great picture of the bird, what a close up!
katie said…
Great quilt idea Karmen.
carol said…
I so appreciate reading about someone still learning - becoming better in all these quilt processes. Sometimes I get so frustrated at what I want to be able to do well! I would never have thought of using a baby jar. Of course, I scare myself just with the idea of free motion quilting. A summer goal to just "do it." Love the placemats, colors strips, pattern and quilting. What not to love. As others have posted, I would think twice about these leaving your home. :-) Kitty looks extra special.
Becky said…
Yes, a quilt for your grandfather sounds super. You're trying all kinds of techniques. Love looking at your projects. Great photo of the finch. Your bird photos are so much better than ones I've captures. Have a great evening!