Oh my, when you get hungry (unreasonably so) this place has some pretty good chow, but trust me, two folks   should probably share a plate.  My breakfast platter had two sausage patties, scrambled eggs, grits and a huge fluffy biscuit.  I have lived in Georgia 22 years and had never been to the Little Barn. How criminal is that?
The downtown Lawrenceville Farmer's Market starts NEXT Saturday, but today was fun on the square because they had a little flea market.  I picked up a little wooden shelf, a vintage framed piece that had "Greetings from Lamar, Missouri" on it and a needlepoint pillow.
Plus we walked the shops on the square, and I met the most delightful young lady in a dress shop (amazing cute clothes there! see Peter's Path).  The young Miss Kara is planning to go to nursing school, and she just happens to be a neighbor of Mita's (Patchwork Cottage) AND Kara's mother is from near Lee's Summit, Missouri! Does that qualify as six degrees of separation? Or less?
I have to get back to that shop to buy a cute skirt I saw now that I found these lovely lavender shoes that will go with it.  You just have to have lavender shoes in your closet.  Just have to.


WoolenSails said…
That reminds me of a place we ate in, when we camped in Maine.
They served huge portions of homemade dinners. The woman used to cook for the loggers, so you never left hungry.

I just wish they had something green to eat. The only vegetable available was fried potatoes.
Kathie said…
cute shoes!!!!
ok I would love to be going to Lees Summit too, I can't wait to go to Rita's quilt shop one of these days!
Becky said…
I've driven past that sign many times. Glad to get a report on the food. I love downtown,Lawrenceville. It's on my to do list to explore the shops there. It's been years since I've spent any time there. Did have dinner at Dominicks last week as part of an end of the year celebration. Take care!