(Please No) More Airplanes

Kitten thinks she needs to help me finish the airplanes.
Because they have taken over the sewing room.
Now that the red ones are done,
All 53 are ready to be put together into a quilt. But I am scared. I think quilting them "as you go" would be easiest, but I have never done that (on a machine) before. I have a book with directions, so perhaps a small practice project is needed first. Or maybe I will take a break and finish something else. I need a completed project. Or some holiday cheer.

Did I say anything about my car being broken? Yesterday I wanted to do some errands, but the car was dead. It tried to start, but sounded pitiful and then gave up. We (once someone else was home) pushed it out of the garage and jump-started it. I drove it straight to the dealership as it (the car) was due for a 60K check-up anyhow. After I call my son's attorney to see how much he wants, I am going to pick up my car ($700 repair bill). The kids are getting useful things for Christmas like smoke alarms, dog food and bath towels. Can't be helped. The "pie" can only be divided into so many pieces.


katie said…
The airplane quilt is going to be awesome.
I hate car repairs.
This is amazing. Love these blocks! girl you rock on the machine applique !!!
Your life sounds like mine! I am paying off my 22 yr old son's $500 dental bill. (I forgot to put him on my dental insurance last year) And I flew my 19 yr old daughter home from NC for Christmas. Another $300. My check engine light comes on in the Trailblazer. Slap another $400 on top of that. Ugh.
My kids got quilts for Christmas and other little items.