I had to call my son's attorney. Had to. Putting it off didn't make it go away. The call didn't go well and I got myself (and my son), fired as clients. How do you explain that to your son? I asked too many questions, and the lawyer thought I was too much trouble, so he wished me "merry Christmas" and hung up on me. I looked him up on the internet and found he'd been censured by the Tennessee Bar in 1996. I don't feel so bad. I don't think he was worth a damn anyway.

So I went shopping to find my favorite holiday candy (because spending money and eating candy will make it better, right?).

I had not been able to find it on the internet, so I went to "Cost Plus World Market." They didn't have it. Publix didn't have it last year, but (yippee kiyay!) they have it this year. I bought all 4 remaining bars.

I figured I needed beer too. I am not taking any (old age) medications at present, so I thought I would treat myself. I have not bought beer in more than a decade, so the aisle was overwhelming. I chose a Miller variety that advertised "100 calories." Then I saw one that said "65 calories." Who the heck chooses beer based on calorie content?

One whose freezer features Jenny Craig, that's who. But, wait, didn't I just buy candy? I was treating myself, so to heck with it; I'll get good stuff. I don't know what good stuff is, so I watched the next shopper select beer. A young Hispanic woman walked up to Corona and, with great commitment and purpose, tossed a 12 pack into her cart. Now there is someone for me to admire. She had things I don't possess; decision making skills and a social life.
Oh well, my 100 calorie beer has cute bottle caps. Do you think I can get my son to make me some "Chill" earrings out of them?
And do you know what happens when a woman my age drinks a beer and starts writing a blog post? She forgets the darn cat got out when she was unloading groceries, that's what. Kitten got to spend tons of time under the evergreens. Why the heck doesn't she try climbing real trees? Uh-oh, is this one of those "be careful what you wish for" moments?
She is in now. Everything will be fine.
And Merry Christmas.
My shopping is done.
Ho, Ho, Ho


katie said…
Sounds like you did yourself a favor getting rid of the attorney.
Never seen that candy before, looks like peanut butter fudge on the box, I'm sure it's not.
Making cookies tomorrow and wrapping 2 gifts, daddy's and Ben's. Ham dinner at Ben's on Christmas day. Looking forward to snow. Kids aren't coming until Jan 9th.
Merry Christmas
WoolenSails said…
You cracked me up, can just picture you sitting and drinking your beer and eating a box of candy, lol. I sometimes think I could use a little of that myself, but I am allergic to both. What kind of candy is that?

Spending money and eating candy make everything better! But drinking and blogging? :) This post really made me laugh. I'm sure getting fired by your son's attorney wasn't really funny to you at the time, but you have such a great attitude! And I really want to see those bottle cap earrings.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
hahahaha...candy and beer. What kind of candy is that??? It looks scarey. Drink away and enjoy!
Merry Merry Christmas.

ps the cookies from the cookie swap didn't even make it to Christmas Eve!!!