Kitten's First Christmas

Doesn't she look content sitting on her favorite plaid fabric? I think I will have to make her a cushion from this fabric. A friend at work gave it to me. I had no idea Kitten would like woven wool blends! This picture was taken yesterday while I was cleaning.
But today, as I was leaving to do errands (Goodwill, grocery store, START Christmas shopping) I found a new ornament on my tree. Thus:
Any idea how hard it is to get a good shot of a one-eyed cat? I think she looks better in profile. Notice the lack of other ornamentation on the tree?
Kitten looks quite comfortable.
Not for long though. I wrenched her out of the tree almost pulling it over on myself.


WoolenSails said…
She looks so pretty against the white, lol.
Kitties love wool. My tux loved to take pieces off the shelf and drag them around. A tuxedo kitty has white legs and white collar, Izzy is a calico.

Gretchen said…
Forget partridges, kittens are much cuter in trees! She is so adorable; great photos! She also has great taste in fabrics--too funny.

I miss having a tree just for the cat amusement factor. I used to put cat-friendly ornaments on the bottom branches of trees so the cats could have something to play with that wouldn't break. Also, I used to anchor the tree to the wall with clear fishing line tied to an eye-screw so the tree wouldn't fall over.
Anonymous said…
You better check around for a skunk. No doubt she is hiding from Pepe Le Pew. Your beautiful tuxedo cat looks much like Penelope Pussycat that Pepe considered his petite femme skunk, his l'amour.

This is the best decorated tree I've seen so far!
Karin said…
Merry Christmas Kitten from your firend Wild Willie. What is this about a tree inside? We don't have one here. Mom said maybe nexte year my behavior will warrant a Christmas tree. I am going to try to be a oggd boy in 2010.
She's so adorable! I can't believe she was able to "perch" on the branches like that.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!