Last Catch-Up Post

Silver Thimbles was a lot of fun Saturday. I worked on (Dad's) airplanes. I have more propellers to stitch down, but moving furniture and cleaning closets has gotten in the way of sewing today. But I have to show you what I saw on Saturday! Thimble member, Suzanne, had a wonderful Statue of Liberty print by Hoffman. More can be found at the City Quilter website. While looking at the Hoffman site, I saw many more amazing batiks I will have to add to my stash!
I was also delighted to see my favorite bloggers! Here are Becky (A Quilting Booklady) and Gretchen (Stella Bella Quilts). They both have mischievous sparkle in their eyes and sweet charm to go with it!
Of course the number one Thimble, Pat Wys (Silver Thimble Talk), was there along with Karin (Life in the Slow Lane). Yes, Pat is crazy. All you have to do is read her blog to know that, but getting to be with her in person is priceless. Karin's blog includes my favorite blogging kitty, Wild Willy.
All four women feature WIPs and fabrics on their blogs, so I visit them in the blog-o-sphere regularly, but I relish getting to know them and spend time creating quilts together.
One last thing about the Thimbles gathering: There were cookies! Oh my, what amazing cookies! Pat made sugar cookies from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I have to check out what other amazing food may be in that book because the sugar cookies were the best I've ever tasted.
And that was my HO, HO, whole weekend! (Back to cleaning.)


Anonymous said…
Dear Karmen-I am so glad that you are my friend. I will let you know if She does not treat me right-but so far it is okay. I am looking forward to Santa only She did not put up a tree this year. We will be discussing this as I NEED a tree to play on. Hope you have a good week.
Your friend,
Wild Willie
katie said…
Sounds like a great week end to me
Kathie said…
sounds like a fun weekend!
love the HO HO Ho plate! I am going to have order some of that fabric, just fun!!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Karmen,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. It's wonderful that you have a good relationship with your father. That quilt you are making him will be treasured, I'm sure. It is the memories that you make now that will keep him alive forever. Unfortunately, my father died a few years ago but I was blessed to have him in my life.

I enjoyed looking through your blog this evening. I was just at a fellow quilters blog (Katie/Primitive Woolen's) and told her what I am telling you, I am envious of your talents and the fellowship quilters share. It's evidenced in your post. I love the finished bed -- it looks like a photo shoot for Country Living magazine!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Gretchen said…
So glad to finally meet you in person! You nailed me and Becky, guess we are too mischievous to keep it contained lol! Hope to see you at many many more Thimbles meetings. I know your dad will love the quilt--it is super fabulous!
Becky said…
Looking forward to sewing with you this Saturday. Lots of sewing and laughing.Hope you are staying warm. Love the photo of Gretch and me and the one of Pat and Karin.