Andy's House: Catch up post #2

A friend of Andy's (from Tennessee?) made this beautiful wreath from greens she got from her own yard. What a great house warming gift.
This is Andy and his new home. We wanted to see his new home, so we brought up some boxes of books he left at our house (not that we needed an excuse).
Since Andy bought a home, he also adopted a dog. His dog is quite shy, but the perfect dog for Andy.
And his roommate's (Lizzie's) kitty terrorizes the dog. Andy says the cat attacks the dog's face and "rides around" by hanging onto the dog's fur. The dog is so docile he tolerates the cat, but spends a lot of time sitting in his crate where he is protected from sneak attacks.
And doesn't she look sweet?


WoolenSails said…
Beautiful wreath, love the natural look.
Andy looks like he is happy in his new place with his new furry friends.

Libby said…
Gorgeous wreath - a perfect gift. The pup looks like a wonderful companion.
katie said…
Like the wreath.
So good to see Andy. His house looks really cute.
Love the dog, bad cat.