Catch up post #1

I attended the holiday meeting of the Spirited Quilters in Duluth. They have this fabulous raffle event for the holiday, and I always buy extra raffle tickets, even at the regular meetings, because it is money for the club and a lot of fun. My fun turned to embarrassment as I won 4 baskets. One of the baskets was meant for my kitten, so that was okay, and I gave one away so I would not feel so "piggy." I love the coffee mug, Elm Creek novel, fabrics and thread that were in the baskets.

And Kitten LOVED her basket. She keeps batting her yellow kitty tree ornament off the tree like she has somewhere she wants it to be, and that place is not on MY tree.
But the big winner of the night was Christie. Her beautiful quilt won the International Mystery Challenge for the year in TWO categories: Guild Favorite and Best Quilting.
Congratulations Christie!