Some progress at least

The color is a little strange in the photo, but I like the way this simple design looks in this fabric. I need a "quickie" project. Yea, right, this little baby has been cut out and half stitched for about a year. I am just a real slow poke.


WoolenSails said…
I think that will be beautiful once it is pieced and quilted.

Keep is gonna be great.
katie said…
Karmen, I like it. I am doing black and white nine patch with red for Jer for Christmas. Everyone is getting a quilt top, can't afford the quilting yet. We are fencing part of the front yard so the pup can have a place to play.
Hope you are coming up during Christmas.

Kathie said…
it looks good, I just happen to love cheddar and red!!!!
can't wait to its finished!!!!
Kim said…
Karmen, Quilting is one of the few crafts I haven't tried. Maybe you and your blog can inspire me! And thanks for stopping by my blog.
Mary said…
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I love your Aunt Millie Work! That is one on my list! AND are you related to Jan Patek - she is my all time favorite quilter!! My first quilt was "Snowbound" by Jan P....keep up the great work!! Hugs, Mary