Weekend's close

This is the big brown scary fiend beast I was telling you about.
You can see in his face something isn't quite right. I think crossing a Bassett Hound with a Cocker Spaniel should be outlawed.
The mix is just too, well, I just don't know what.
Mom saw the earlier picture of this quilt top, and she thought it was pretty awful looking, but when she made the picture bigger, she remembered being with me when I bought the fabric at Quilter's Station. She doesn't know how it is photographing so weird either. The fabric is actually very pretty. I got the center put together. Next weekend, after I get the borders on, I will try to get a shot outdoors in the natural light.


Kathie said…
Its looking great! can't wait to see it in the natural light.
I love ordering from Rita and her staff, they always send the best plaids and colors when I send her a list!
Cathi said…
Absolute adorable little face.
We the scary beast knows how to strike a pose.

katie said…
I love his freckled feet.