What's on your work table?

My little Kitten loves to watch everything that goes on in my sewing room, and her favorite perch is any bag filled with cloth. This one hold that project I started (many moons ago) with the Unity Quilter's group. My mission for the rest of today is to finish this top.Kitten permitting, of course!
We went to the cat show at the Gwinnett Civic Center this morning and bought Kitten a little friend. I think it is hysterical: my one-eyed Kitten has a no-eyed friend.
I am finally getting over the sinus infection I have struggled with for 3 weeks. I don't know why I wait so long to go to the doctor. I really thought I was just whimpy, and I'd get over it, but it took a shot of steroids and some antibiotics to kick this one.

My son is bringing the "brown terror" to stay with us for a while. The "brown terror" is know to intimidate grown men, little dogs and strong women. He has also been known to bite. One time he growled at me as I was feeding him. He is a challenge, and I hope not to have him for long. At any rate it will be an exercise in animal behavior and creative management. (You know: this one comes in, that one goes out, these get locked up here, those over there. NOT sure how the Kitten will handle this new development. She's never met the "brown terror.") AND do you think I have misnamed my Kitten? Maybe she should be Cookie. As in Oreo Cookie. Maybe?


WoolenSails said…
She sure loves being with you, that is one thing I love about tuxedos, they have such great personalities. Mine just harass me and see what trouble they can get into;)

Karen said…
Cats seem to like to be in the middle of fabric. Wonder why.
She definitely looks like an oreo cookie! What a cutie. She probably thinks you brought that shopping bag home just for her.
Well good luck with that..brown terror. The kitty may never recover from the visit.

Anonymous said…
My guys consdier themselves as quality control in my sewing endeavors. Kitty is just doing her job!
Becky said…
Love the pet kitty for your big kitty! I bought my Rusty a beanie baby toy at a garage sale on Saturday. He has already chewed the eyes off. Take care!