Vintage Nine Progress

Slow but steady gets a quilt done. This Vintage Nine (pattern by Lisa Bongean) is one of those easy yet difficult quilts. Yes, I had measure/square issues with the first vine border, and now I am a little wavy-gravy. My fancy not-yet-paid-off Bernina decided to get cranky, so I have to take her in for a tonic. I got out the old machine and have fallen in love with it. I hadn't quite bonded with Ms. Bernina. I cannot free-motion with the New Home though, so I will be looking forward to Ms. Bernina's return. It's okay though. Tomorrow I have a tennis match (my second), a new quarter begins Monday at school, and there is plenty of handwork to stitch in the evenings. I don't need a machine at all for a while.
Kitten was hiding in a J Jill bag on the floor behind my sewing chair. She is so darn cute. She always finds a little niche to sleep in. I am getting worried about using flash photography on her. After all, she only has one eye, and what if it gets damaged from flashes? Is that even possible?
I wanted to show off the back side of "Lilly." Really, I love this quilt. The Lilly Pulitzer fabric was donated to the Spirited Quilters in Duluth, so I took some; I already had the backing (from a sale table at JoAnn's); the quilt was completed in 5 weeks and I was working full time, too. It was the first time I had ever machine quilted anything. Right now I can't even imagine completing something in 5 weeks.


WoolenSails said…
That quilt is beautiful, love the prim colors. I finally used my new free motion foot today with the spring motion setting, was so much easier to move around on the quilt.

katie said…
Awesome quilts Karmen.
It is great that you have quilted one yourself.
I actually found a darning foot and a shield to cover the feed dogs on the featherweight, but I won't be quilting anything much bigger than a table runner.
love that cat.
Karen said…
Simple nine patches get such life with the addition of applique.
AllisonK said…
The 9patch/vine is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Gretchen said…
Great nine-patch!! The colors are wonderful. Love love love the Lily P. quilt!!!! kitten is too cute:)
MARCIE said…
What a simple and wonderful design! I love it!
I'm really loving your Vintage Nine quilt! It turned out so pretty. Lilly is just as pretty, but so different. I love the fabrics.

Kitten looks so sweet! She's probably a lot of "help" while you're sewing!