Sewing roll, Lilly Lounging & Books

I finished a button roll as a gift for a friend. Kitten likes it, but I think she will settle for the ball of perl cotton instead.
I never felt like I got a good shot of my "Lilly" quilt, so I dragged it up to Mom's house where I draped it over the swing in the backyard. Yep, I like this picture of my favorite quilt.
This is the last book I read; it is a sequel to "Chosen by a Horse" which I loved. The author doesn't go looking for love, but is lucky enough to be blessed by the best true forever kind (sigh).
And here is one of the first books I ever read. I loved it enough to hunt it up on Amazon so I could have a copy for my adult book shelf.


*karendianne. said…
Another lovely post from the awakened quilter! I really like the photo of your favorite quilt. I really really like your favorite quilt. It's fantastic!!! And you know, the books you chose to share are delightful. You have such a way with your posts. Especially with kitty. Love little kitty paws!!! Sweet.
WoolenSails said…
Love the needle roll and that is a beautiful photo of your quilt and the perfect display. I don't remember that book and I read everything I could get my hands on, as a kid.

Gretchen said…
Oh look at the silly Kitten paw!!! She is trying to be so sneaky!! I haven't heard of the book but it sounds like something I would have loved and read a million times as a kid.