East Cobb Purchases

I couldn't resist this wonderful vintage Japanese style print.
I went back to the show on Sunday to pick up a basket from Baskets by Dawn. Her booth had been too crowded on Friday, and I couldn't think what I wanted. I picked a large sewing basket.
When I got home, Kitten picked it as her favorite too, so I took my stuff out to give her more room. Have I created a monster? She always gets her way. I never imagined I would spend that much for a cat bed. Do you think she would notice if I substituted something from Walmart?


WoolenSails said…
Will be interesting to see what you make with that fabric. I am working on a prim halloween hanging for me. She is such a sweet kitty, makes me miss my guy. Tuxedos have such great personalities.

Piwacket said…
Love the kitty in the basket. Too cute!
*karendianne. said…
Awww, yes, she'll totally know. You really want to swap this out? Take away her snuggle spot and give her something like a cheap Motel 6 to sleep in? Oh how sad I am for kitty. Very very hard to be a kitty.
katie said…
You have had the rain. We got rain and lots of wind and trees and limbs down, but we didn't get any damage.
Interesting fabric and I know you will make something great out of it.
I think you have a very smart kitty.