Bad, bad Kitten

I know, she looks perfectly innocent, but this is where she sits to tease the dogs. AC asked me "what the heck are the dogs barking at?" And here is what I found: One sweet innocent Kitten.
One smashed precious handmade bowl. A gift to me from the Arts & Sciences department in 2003.
Gouges on the top of the blanket chest from the fall of said bowl off the top of the hutch that sits on the blanket chest, both of which my father made for me in 1979.
A later discovery was the absence of crust and crumble on the rhubarb pie I'd made the night before.
I really didn't know one little innocent Kitten could wreak so much havoc. My regards to those of you brave enough to house more than one feline house deconstructor. Oh, and one more thing, they (Kittens) love to play with toilet paper as much as dogs and toddlers do. I just didn't think to get a photo of that....


katie said…
Oh my gosh I have forgotten about those days.
My last cat Lydia was to big to jump up on anything to high. Maybe your going to have to glue things down.
The bowl was bad enough but dang did she have to eat the pie!!!I think I might have to remain a dog person.

Looking forward to this weekend.
Gretchen said…
LOL!!! Being the "mother" of four felines I can completely sympathize, empathize, and share your pain and bewilderment at how much trouble they can get into!!! Try some lemon oil on your furniture; it will darken the scratches. Keep breakables near the backs of shelves or put away or you can get some putty-stuff that they use in CA for earthquakes (forgot what is was called but it keeps breakables stuck to shelves. Keep food in cupboards. And most important keep a sense of humor!!!! In my house, cats come before "stuff" but it can be challenging!!!!!!
*karendianne. said…
Oh my, my, my! I giggle which I know I so improper. These are great losses and unbelievable kitchen scenes. But oh they continue to amaze me with the troubles they find!
Anonymous said…
Wild Willie adores toilet paper so much that I have gien up and taken it off the rolls. I have lots and lots of lace toilet peper! Love your new small are those nine patches?