Drinking and Quilting (not for old chicks)

This is a picture of me with a friend of mine, Harry. It was taken on Harry's 80th birthday this year. Which brings me to a story about drinking and quilting. Hang with me here; it will make sense in the end. Pat asked if I had a drink while I was free-motion machine quilting. Every machine quilting class I took ended up with us talking about have a glass of this or that to help us relax so the quilting would be more fluid (pardon the pun). One time we even descended into discussion of illegal drug use (but that is not the case in my story). I was at the grocery store with my husband last weekend, and I thought "wow, I should get a beer to help my quilting." I shared my thought with him, and he told me you cannot buy just one beer at a grocery store, and off he went to get me a six-pack. He returned with cans of something or other. "What? Are you kidding?" I said "You expect me to drink beer from a CAN?" So I followed him over to the beer aisle to choose my own beverage. Wow, there are lots of beers. I remember from my drinking days (yeah right) that there were something called "ponies" which were, as I remembered them, small bottles. Well, we couldn't locate anything like that, so after what seemed like an hour, I settled for a six pack of bottles of "lite" something or other. With the 6 nestled in my grocery cart we began the stroll to check out. Then it hit me: what about the medicines I take? You know, all those old age (or lifestlye) related drugs some of us take for blood pressure, depression, or allergies? "Oh yeah," my husband said, "you can't drink with those." So we put the 6 back on the shelf. I guess I will have to use some type of meditation-relaxation technique to free-motion, since I am too old to drink.


katie said…
what a great story. I never really thought about liquor and quilting. But after doing my first quilt on our viking mega quilter and inspiron frame yesterday I can truly understand the logic. It took us 3 weeks and 3 lessons just to get it on the frame right.

WoolenSails said…
That gave me a laugh. I can just imagine an experiment like that, how free motion looks after one beer, two and three, lol. I can't drink either, I am allergic to alcohol. With my luck, If I did drink, I would probably do some beautiful free motion, on my hand;)

I like to have a drink every once in a blue moon, but I would never consider operating a machine, rotary cutter, or even a pair of scissors while I'm doing it! I'm sure it would end badly -- and probably in the emergency room.

Cute picture of you and your buddy!
Too old to drink huh...that is funny. Sad but true!