Free Motion Baby!

Yes, I have been practicing free motion quilting. And also, yes, I hated what it looked like when I was doing it, but, darn, the result isn't bad....How does that happen? I started this little practice gem in Peggy Barkle's free motion class at Patchwork Cottage. The piece was to be (I thought) a throw away. Then my co-worker, Rachel, had her little baby boy, Giancarlo. That created a mission for me: Finish the baby panel and see what it looks like. I want to remember, next time I do a baby gift, that it takes 3 hours for me hand-stitch the binding down. Perhaps I could use the machine on that too? Duh! The quilt is on its way to Rachel and Giancarlo today. (Happy dance in progress.)


WoolenSails said…
I love free motion, and it isn't perfect, but that is the charm of folk art, I can get away with it;)

Free Motion..Yipees did you drink the wine like Peggy suggests? I'm so bad at machine quilting.

Look at you! Outlining, no less! That's so hard for me to do. The quilt is adorable. Love what you did on the waves. What a lucky baby!