But I Need a Better Picture

I took this picture of my new quilt, but I am not happy with it (the picture). I just can't capture how beautiful it is! This is Robin, the quilt maker, holding up the quilt at Harper's. Problem is, I didn't know I was going to purchase it, and I didn't have her in the picture with the quilt. How rude of me! Then, when I got it home (to Mom's house), I tried to get a picture on a bed. That didn't turn out well either. I am going to show it at Spirited Quilter's meeting in Duluth on Tuesday. I will eventually get a better picture, so you may get your fill of seeing my new acquisition.

Today at Primitives of the Midwest I had class with Renee Plains. We started on "Flower Shop." I love it, but since I only got one small portion partially done, you will have to see the finished quilt object'dart (not sure about that spelling) in the future. In the afternoon I took class from Stacy Nash and fell in love with cross-stitch all over again.
Below is a project I have been working on in Mom's studio. Tomorrow is my last day here in Missouri. I will miss the freedom to work on my projects and spend time visiting with Mom and Dad.


WoolenSails said…
It looks beautiful on my screen. Sounds like a great time at the show.
I am going to try and make a rug show tomorrow, wish we had better quilt shows here.

katie said…
OMG karmen I love the one you have been working on at your mom's. The colors are just wonderful.
I also love the one you bought.
This is killing me..these classes...the photos..I can't breathe. I want to be there please can I go next year???

I can understand why you just had to have this quilt. It's beautiful! And I love your vacation project -- I recognize some of those fabrics. Very pretty colors.
Anonymous said…
Love your site