And on the Last Day They Feasted

On the way to the Kansas City Farmer's Market, Dad and I saw a sign at a restaurant for pork tenderloin sandwiches, so we decided to have an early dinner in Oak Grove at a place called PTs (PT for pork tenderloin). OMG, I know Missouri is the fried food capital of the U.S., but this was OVER the TOP. The pork fritters were twice the size of the large buns they came on, and the onion rings were nearly two inches thick. I had to ask the waitress if I could take a picture. She (Taylor) was so sweet to pick up the plate of onion rings (we'd already eaten 2) and pose for me.


katie said…
Good heavens that look wonderful. After one week of phase I of the South Beach Diet they look better than wonderful.

katie said…
p.s. how do you get to the k.c. farmers market by way of Oak Grove??
WoolenSails said…
Oh, those look so yummy, I love onion rings.

Anonymous said…
I can almost taste them..yum