Never, never again (t-shirt follow up)

Wren Kitty loves the blanket I made for her last weekend. You can see that she is getting quite pudgy. Her one-eyedness is unique, but I am sure most kitties get the ear-turned-back look on occasion.

Mom called today. She wanted to give me advice on the easy way to put my t-shirt quilt together. Something was wrong with my ears after that. I think she said something about multiples of 2 or 3, but it felt like I was under water. The room started spinning. Then it hit me: I could have used this (bleep, bleep, bleep) information 2 days ago! The t-shirt project had already reduced me to tears of frustration. For any other budding quilters out there - IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA to have every shirt cut to a different size. I was so creative that I even cut the framing strips different sizes: some 1 1/2 inch, some 3 inches and, toward the end, I found I'd cut some 3 1/2 inches (probably because somewhere along the line I remembered about seam allowances. YES, A PLAN IS A GOOD IDEA before you cut.

The picture is how I am leaving it for now. I plan a 1 inch dark blue border followed by a wider border of the red/pink Hawaiian print. But for now I am resting and perhaps finishing some hand quilting. I've earned the rest, and I darn sure need it.


WoolenSails said…
I have no idea what rules means when quilting;)
I like how you put it together, great background colors too.

Gayle said…
I discovered your blog for the first time today, and I'm REALLY enjoying the slide show from your Mom's house. Does she have a blog? She has some wonderful furniture!
Anonymous said…
we seem to know the same people. I wonder if we have chatted out and about in one of the fabric shops!