That T-Shirt Thing

Maybe I should have stayed with the pattern from the class. Yes, I should have done that, but now it is too late. I have chopped up every t-shirt I could find in my closet (4), every shirt I bought off E-Bay (5), the one I bought off a website, some donated from school and a dress. I have all kinds and sizes of pieces from shirts ironed onto woven fusible web. I have not come up with a plan yet, but I have been buying indigo batiks thinking I could come with a plan as I went along. Still, nothing, so I am going to start sewing and see what emerges. I am not much for planning anyway. I have been ruminating over my fabric choices; one isn't really a batik, one isn't the same quality of white in the background, etc. I can't think anymore. I am going to slice it up and sew. Unless someone advises me to stop.
Oh, speaking of stop. I stopped husband-person from walking out the door with our old toilet seat in his arms. He was headed to Home Depot and wanted to be sure he got the right size seat. I told him the other day, after I challenged his plan to call a plumber to change out the toilet seat (a do-it-yourself for a child) that it was gross to carry a (used) toilet seat to a store to be sure the size and whiteness (are you kidding me?) matched. Is his memory really that short? I could just do it myself. Really, it is exhausting to supervise husband-person. I have to let most things go. But the toilet seat issue was just too much.


WoolenSails said…
I like those batiks. I have seen so many beautiful patterns with batiks, something i would like to use to make something for my daughter.

Don't stop -- full speed ahead! Your indigo batiks are beautiful.

Funny toilet seat story!
madrekarin said…
I love the prints you have chosen!! Beautiful. Thanks for becoming a follower of A Thread of Red! We love new faces!
I had to laugh at your toilet seat story. Just let him go. He will not be the only one there with something from home in his hands. Trust me.