Sunday Night Quickie

 I don't remember putting this "Bento Box" quilt on the blog. If I did, forgive me.  I worked on it while I was spending time in Mom's (Linda Brannock's) studio last month.
 I took the course from Jean Ann Wright at the Georgia Quilt Show. It was fun to select border fabrics from Mom's stash. (She has ever so much to choose from.)

I liked working on it enough to consider making a second one.
 We got a new Hancock's fabric store by my house. I had to go look around to see what they had. I found some reproduction Victoria and Albert fabric by David Textiles
The "David" fabric is not the quality I prefer, but the blues (below) are from Blue Hill. La-Te-Da! I love the hand; soft yet dense and smooth.
The previous two quilt tops complete, I found myself able to start the top I told Mom I was going to make two or three months ago. I wanted to work with Audra's Iris Garden by Brannock and Patek.
I started cutting. I just love these flowers. I noticed I have "Audra's" but I also have "Awakening." I didn't realize I have mixed two lines "Together." Ha. That was clever, right?
If you didn't get it, don't worry over it. Pretty lame. I want to make "Hexagon Hip Hop" from the pretty iris fabric.
 I've done the hexies by hand before, but these are large and are constructed from half-hexagons.
The instructions have been easy to follow, but I had to give up cutting because someone got in my way.
I won't say who, but I think you can figure it out.


WoolenSails said…
Wonderful quilts and you have been busy, I need to pick up my speed with quilting if I ever want to get anything done. I hope your husband is doing well, mine goes in next month.

I LOVE the bento box quilt, probably because I see so many of my favorite fabrics in it. The "Holice" quilt is very nice, too. Your eyes hardly know which direction to go with that one, do they? And yes, the kitty babies do tend to want to be right in middle of whatever you're doing.
O'Quilts said…
love the colors in the Bento box..and love the cat and miss the other cat(:
June said…
Always nice to see the pretty fabrics on your blog. Our closest fabric store is 50 mi. from here. Love your quilts, too!! I would sure love to see your Joey, and my Earl Grey together. It would be hard to tell them apart...both are "helper-cats", too!