Hexagon Hip Hop

 We are having beautiful weather here in Atlanta, so I have been able to sew outside on my patio. I am working on Hexagon Hip Hop from the Lintott's book.
Audra's Iris Garden by Brannock & Patek (Moda) has worked out quite well. I love the colors! 
Just so you know, squaring up is my least favorite activity, but being outside makes it endurable. 
 Since he is recovering from hernia surgery, my husband has been hanging around watching me sew. Monday night he told me this is his favorite of the quilts he's seen me make. I queried why, and his reply was that it was poufier than my other ones. He said "real quilts are poufy." I thought for a moment about what the heck he meant, since I was doing what I always do.
What he was looking at was the sewn strips that had not yet been pressed. Hah! I bet he was disappointed to find I managed to ruin this one by flattening it out too.
Smashed it flat as a pancake!
Dear me; all the pouf is gone!
That cannot be a quilt now.
Can it?
Because the pouf is gone.
So I ran back to the Goodwill store to buy that poufy quilt I'd seen the day before.
Here you go honey.
 The pouf that lasts forever.
 My favorite block has a printed background.
How about that? A REAL quilt.
Okay, now back to my stuff.
I am auditioning the checkery brushed cotton for the border strips. Oh wait, I have to press the pouf out of the pieced border first. I won't have any poly-pouf looking mess in my quilts. That would make you-know-who happy. No sir; not happening. 
And June, the next photo is for you. Sweet baby Kitten has been neglected on the blog since Joseph James moved in.
But she is here, and she got to be outdoors too; soaking up some sun and breathing in some fresh air.
Thanks be to God for all the blessings great and small (poufy and not) in my life.


WoolenSails said…
Wonderful quilts and i do like a poofy quilt, lol. They are hard to quilt though, so for those I use tacking. That is a beautiful photo of kitten. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

June said…
I always LOVE the kitty pictures. I have a tuxedo cat, too, but he prefers to live outdoors. We call him Chuck Taylor! Happy Thanksgiving!
O'Quilts said…
Happy Thanksgiving Kitten...I do not know what she was thinking getting that Joey??? I am so happy to see you back.
Love the yellow check. Go for it.
Did you really buy that polyester quilt?
Love Mom
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Karmen Sunshine said…
I did! Mary Elizabeth is curled up under it asleep right now.
Karmen Sunshine said…
Chuck Taylor? That's hysterical. Happy holiday weekend to you too.
Brenda said…
What a great wife, getting your DH a poofy quilt. Love your flat one.
Karmen Sunshine said…
I would rather be a poufy wife with a great husband!