Surprising Mom on her birthday.

Here is one of Mom's (Linda Brannock) quilts. 
When I got to Kansas City last weekend Mom and Dad were not expecting me. I went to surprise Mom for her birthday.  I found her some lovely roses.
We had one problem. The bed I usually sleep in was loaded, and I mean loaded, with quilts. You know how you like to have them out to lay flat and relieve the fold lines? There were so many we just couldn't fold them all up, so I just pushed a few over and slept on one side of the bed on top of all the quilts and under one of them. 


O'Quilts said…
That was fun!! Thank u..
annie said…
Wow! Those are all just amazing, she is very talented and creative! Art, pure & simple!
Libby said…
First off - Happy Birthday to your mom! The photo of your folks is just darling.

The slide show is just beyond delicious. Each quilt such a treat to look at and gain inspiration from and surely a treasure for you to be swathed in all the loving stitches as you dream the night away *s*
oldgreymare said…
I cannot bear it. I ran through it several times and it takes me back to fabric shopping trips in CA with dear friends looking for their fabric and grabbing each new book and pattern... I just adored everything your Mom and Jan did.

This is such a treasure of artistry that she accomplished. I hope she knows that. She and her work touched many many many lives. A very Happy Birthday wish to her and many more years to come. <3
WoolenSails said…
Loved the slide show and the turtle quilt, have never seen one like that. Yesterday I went shopping and got some new homespuns for my stash. I also have that cat fabric, a friend sent it from her old stash.

Gayle said…
Hmmm..... I can't get the slide show to work - I wonder what's wrong? I'll try again later cuz I'd sure love to see it.
All I'm seeing is one quilt picture. It's beautiful, but no slide show. :(

Your Mom and Dad look like they like each other. Always a good thing!
loula said…
These quilts are spectacular she is very talented. Is there a pattern for the circular quilt you have pictured? Thanks much.
Karmen Sunshine said…
Hi Loula,
You are a "no reply" commentor, so I will answer your query here. That quilt is on the cover of Mother's book "Miss Jump's Quilt Album."
Linda said…
What a treasure to see all those photos. I love your mom's designs...have collected as many books as I can find. I love Miss Jump, all the cats, and the rickrack! Thanks for posting.
carol said…
Thanks for sharing your family quilts. Nice way to relax on a Sunday afternoon looking at each one of these precious quilts. The design, the fabrics, the color combinations, ric-rack, the stitching (I zoomed)--I could almost smell the quilts. Very smart to document each quilt. You are so lucky to have these photographs and to actually get to visit each quilt.
Nancy in MT said…
Oh my gosh Karmen, what a show, hard to believe she, Mom, has made so many stunning primitive quilts, I mean I know she has, but to see them in person almost. I could recognize them anywhere, with her touch. I've watched the show several times to see more details each time.

The white pumpkin quilt is new to me and I actually know a quilter who is looking for that pattern, do you remember it.

Your parents look well, beautiful photo of them together.
Happy Birthday wishes to her!!!!!!

Texan said…
I found a link on Pinterest that brought me here. Your quilts are sooo pretty!!!! Wow!