A Day of Cats

My Friday morning started out with Joey and his antics.
Batting my UGA shaker from the top of the computer armoire, and knocking it down, of course.
 He is such a goofball, and he's always getting into stuff.
 I got stuff done at home, headed to the gym for a swim, then stopped at the grocery store. I was driving out of the parking lot when a lovely long-haired grey cat ran along side the curb.  There were no cars behind me, so I put it in park, exited the car and tried to find the grey kitty who remininded me of Joey. I could not locate him, so I got back into my car, another car pulled up behind me, and, before I could turn my engine on, started honking. Really!? Those idiots could not give me a second to crank my engine? (insert regrettable hand gesture here, you can get shot for stuff like that, I DO NOT endorse road rage and urge caution and cheek turning and "just let it pass")

I circled the block, re-entered the parking lot and parked so I could look more thoroughly. While I was looking, a woman approached me to ask if I'd seen the kittens. Turns out she feeds the feral cats in the area, traps them and gets them fixed. We didn't see any of the cats while I was there. She told me many of the fancy-dancy townhomes behind the grocery store had been foreclosed and the people just left their animals when they moved out.  She wouldn't take a monetary donation from me, but I managed to find her in the store and pay for her cat food purchases (along with a gift card for next time).


WoolenSails said…
That was really sweet of you to help her out, and it is a shame that people abandon their pets. Even here it is getting bad, more strays and the shelters won't take them. When I found Moki, they told me not to feed him and he would go away, geez.

I hope you husband's surgery goes well, mine goes in next month for his hernia.

Cathy Pavlovich said…
You are a good person to do that for the kitties! Even with the hand gesture - we'll forgive you for that! Your Joey is about as photogenic as it gets.
Hernia surgery must be popular -- my husband had his in August. All is well. Best of luck to your husband.
oldgreymare said…
thank heavens for kind souls <3
hope the surgery goes well..the memory issue is a concern though?
Karmen Sunshine said…
Thanks Cathy, I'm glad to know your husband is through the ordeal and all is well.
Karmen Sunshine said…
It is a concern to me, but when hubby gave his doctor the note from me asking about it, the doctor's reply, once he quit laughing, was that all women think their husbands have memory issues.