Not together

But look what is visiting me: 
 What a lovely butterfly!
I was lucky enough to get two good shots.
Now I need to concentrate; the wedding is tomorrow, and I need to get stuff rolling. 
I am lucky enough to be mother-of-the groom, so you'd think I could just show up and have fun, but I am also mother of the groomsmen (two of them at least), and one of them is a rouge entity. We don't know where he is most of the time, nor what he is doing. I purchased his shirt, pants, socks, belt and shoes for the wedding, but he has not tried any of it on. I even had the Brooks Brothers pants hemmed on a guess of how long they should be. It is his own fault if he has high-water pants and too big/small shoes tomorrow. 
But I am sure we will all have a great time. 
(Sorry about the bugs, Mom; I have not been sewing.)


Kris said…
Well I think the outfit is just fine!!! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Shame of the brothers! typical is that!!!!
Love the butterfly shots. I have been enjoying them here too.
Have a wonderful time this weekend.
What beautiful butterflies, and you got great shots of them and the bee! I like you outfit. Colorful is good! And yeah, kids are challenging sometimes. Good thing for them we love them. ;)
WoolenSails said…
I love the color combo, fun colors.
Love the butterflies and hoping that the wedding goes smoothly and you can enjoy the celebration and your new DIL.

Libby said…
Beautiful photography. Enjoy the wedding, make lots of memories!
lettielulu said…
Beautiful butterfly pics. And I know you'll have great pics of the wedding also. Enjoy the day!
lettielulu said…
P.S. Love your new haircut!