Great Fun Friday

I had lunch at Cafe Sunflower with a friend who showed me his mother's quilts.
 I love this one the most. To me it shows a sense of humor and a delight in color.
 I love her fabrics. Leroy told me some of these were shirts, and others were pajamas.
This yellow one still had the pencil lines from her marking for hand quilting.
This is probably the best cathedral window quilt I have ever seen in person.
The "muslin" frames were of a very high quality dense smooth cotton I'd never touched before, and the quilt was very heavy.
You cannot help but play I Spy.
Too much fun.
And such a lovely quilt!


WoolenSails said…
Amazing quilting, I cannot imagine doing pieces that small.
Your friend's quilts are beautiful, what a treasure he has.

Karmen Sunshine said…
Leroy's mother did beautiful work. It is wonderful our families can enjoy our work long after we are gone.
Beautiful quilts, thanks for showing them in your blog. The quilting and intricate hand work are fabulous.
Katie Paxton said…
Wow those tiny pieces, unbelievable. Did you know Grandma made a couple Cathedral window quilts?
I have a couple of cathedral window quilts my grandmother made, and they are treasures to me. I love the pink chicken in your I spy game. And those tiny little pieces - no way! Beautiful workmanship though.