Still plugging along

Kitten helps me put the last border on Vintage 9 Patch (pattern/wool kit by Lisa Bongean). Vintage 9 is number one on my 2011 UFO list.
She picks her favorite block.  Red, of course, she always picks red if black and white are unavailable.
Little Jojo has staked his claim on the ugly orange thing (number 2 on my 2011 UFO list).
Looks like Sunday is good for snoozing around here.
We have made good progress on making everyone friends.
Jojo goes nose to nose with Rosebud.
It appears we have a peaceable kingdom.
Kitten makes sure Jojo knows his place, and he gives her a wide berth, so as not to disturb her rule.


WoolenSails said…
That quilt is so beautiful, just love it.
And I love the picts of the kitties, they are always so sweet and cute.
It looks like Kitten is saying, is it time for him to go home yet? LOL

Gretchen said…
Missed seeing you at Thimbles this weekend. Hope you are doing OK. Love the photos of Kitten and Jojo. He is settling right in on being a quilt helper kitty isn't he?
Margaret said…
Dont you just love the way animals give the --- this is my territory --- keep out --- but your my friend.
June said…
I am constantly amazed at how much JoJo looks like my Earl Grey.
Ah, the Peaceable Kingdom, it's a good thing! I am loving that first quilt. Wool? Really? I cannot even imagine wool in this heat. LOL
oldgreymare said…
peace reigns in kitty land. Woot!

Della said…
Love your kitties. I have four and one is named "The Kitten" cause we couldn't decide on a name. They are such precious babies.
Kelli said…
Love Dad's Airplane Quilt! (my hubby is a pilot) I found your blog through Slow Poke Quilters. Love your work. :) Hope you don't mind having a new follower. :)