Computer trouble

I am afraid I will be bumped off the internet at any time.  Perhaps it is time for a newer computer?  Apple this time?  Or maybe dump ATT DSL?  I am not sure what I am going to do.  Another thing taking up my time, and making typing difficult, is this little green-eyed grey flannel kitty we are calling Jojo. 
He is such a lovable little purr box!
We (Jojo and I) are working on the Vintage Nine Patch quiltlet I started a couple of years ago.  It is number one on my declared UFO list for 2011.
I may not have enough of the vintage fabric to make the final round because so many of the blocks I made at first were off, so I needed to practice making some.  The practice yielded this little project.
I was going to square it up by wacking off the yellow blocks until I realized that would make bias all the way around the edge of the top.  Oops! Darn, so that is why you cut the side and corner pieces out.  You gotta be on the straight of grain on the side.
I have been a little distracted trying to keep up with this little fur ball.  I think I am totally in love with him.  Sorry Kitten. 
We're gonna keep him.


WoolenSails said…
Blogger is being buggy, didn't take my comment.
I knew you could resist, JoJo is so cute.
Love the fabrics in your new piece.

jojo said…
from one green-eyed jojo to another...awwwww!
Anonymous said…
Oh, my so glad you are going to get him, he is a keeper from his looks.
Nancy in MT
Anonymous said…
Your nine patch looks so small! One inch?
Very nice!

Cathy Pavlovich said…
Beautiful quilt! And I would keep that sweet kitty too. Looks like a good helper!
katie said…
cute Jojo
If I could afford it an Apple would be my next computer. I don't like Microsoft.
It's raining here.
oldgreymare said…
OMG adorable...looks like velevet

APPLE! do it- you will never regret it.
I would never use anythign else...

Anonymous said…
JoJo looks like a sweety.
Darling kitty!!!! And love your quilt you are working on! :)