OBW Play

This is the fabric I started with.
Now I am playing with the 55 blocks I have sewn (50 or so to go).
I was thinking of adding some gold strips to break up the hexagons.
Then I played with some other colors.
Beige and pink. 
Maybe I should leave it alone?

When I was at the workshop, I took my fancy portable (pain in the ___) design wall. I saw someone else using a design wall she made herself and I loved it, so I recreated it for myself.
Get one of these from the J-store.
Two of these (1"x3") from the lumber store (I bought 7'). This was my first lumber purchase; here is a hint: Don't believe the shelf tag!  That price is per linear foot, not for the whole piece. Good to know.
And a package of really big binder clips from an office supply store.
You will need an old vinyl table cloth too, or some flannel cloth or batting. Lay the fabric (or whatever surface you want to use) on the floor, the cardboard cutting board on top, pull the fabric round the long sides of the cardboard, lay the two pieces of lumber along the long edges and secure with binder clips.  I love the fact this design board takes up less floor space than my fancy portable one, so I made two, and I am using them while working on the OBW quilt.
See you on the other side of the work week,


WoolenSails said…
Strips would waste a lot of your edges you already did.
How about making a row of hexagons in the lighter color, then attaching? I need a design board, would be cheaper to make our own.

marlu said…
I love this block! In Kansas we called it Stack n Whack. I forget the artist who had a book with this in it.
oldgreymare said…
Bookmarked this tip for the day I return to quilting...?

Did you recognize all your Mom's fabrics in my quilt post a while back? Still have stacks I cannot bear to use until I'm sure it'll be for a "keeper".