Saturday news

I was lucky enough to spy this great Brannock & Patek quilt kit for sale on Stashmaster Lisa's blog. It is so easy to buy things with PayPal.
Kitten claimed the kit as soon as it arrived.

I cannot wait to work on it, but yesterday I also purchased a HUGE distraction: a larger yo-yo maker.  What am I thinking?  I need to make more than the one size I've been working with? Why?  For what reason?
I got to see firefighter/paramedic son last night.  This is him with his little dog Lela in front of his home.  He reminded me, via a Facebook post, of the number of firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty nine years ago. Today is a sad day of remembrance for all of us, but NYC firefighters, indeed all of NYC,  must be especially sober today.
African Violets; just because.


WoolenSails said…
I love their lines of fabric. My friend sends me a lot of the older ones from her stash, so that is nice. I don't think any of us will forget that day, the images from the tv are etched in my mind.

Libby said…
Oh how I love their fabric lines . . . anxiously wait for each new one to become available *s*
Gretchen said…
Can't wait to see Kitten start in on the quilt kit lol! I don't think she is going to wait for you while you make yo-yos.
katie said…
It is a somber day for all.
Can't wait to see the quilt you make out of Lin's fabric.
Lisa D. said…
Kitten looks so cute on the kit - I'm glad you like the fabrics. Yes, it's a very sad day in history. I remember watching the news that morning, dumbfounded.
Becky said…
How lucky to snatch up the kit from Lisa at Stashmaster! Beautiful fabric!